Stonyfield Joins Targets Made to Matter Program

I almost hate to admit it to you but Im not big on recycling.

(cue the gasps)

Its true and its embarrassing. A lot of it has to do with the fact that the dumpster at my old apartment was always filled with regular trash and not really used for actual recycling so I figured whats the point.

But now that I own a home I figured I should probably be a little bit more of a responsible adult and care about the environment. This is exactly the premise of Targets Made to Matter program.

Stonyfield Joins Target's Made to Matter Program

Made to Matter is a collection of products that are organic, non-GMO, fair trade and much more. I was very excited to learn that my favorite brand of Yogurt, Stonyfield, is now teaming up with this initiative with a brand new line of yogurts!

Stonyfield Organic Super Seeds and Stonyfield Organic Super Grains Greek Yogurt will be available exclusively to Target starting in August and feature flavors such as orange-cranberry, maple and vanilla.

Stonyfield Joins Target's Made to Matter ProgramStonyfieldSuperSeedsBlueberry

There are a lot of different brands that are part of this initiative, including some of my favorites: Yes To, Annies, Cascadian Farm and Ben & Jerrys. I was super excited to see that Justins nut-butter products were also a part of the mix!

Stonyfield Joins Target's Made to Matter Program

So back to my recycling…

Im now realizing how important it is to reuse and recycle a lot of the trash that I create, especially with all of the work I do in the kitchen. I see how important it is to our environment and to the future of our world and to protect the limited resources that are all around us. I have found myself being more conscious of the products that Im using and where the waste is ending up. Its been pretty impressive to me to see how much less waste ends up in my garbage can and how much more of it ends up in my recycling bin!

Make sure that you head on out to your local Target store starting tomorrow to find and try the all new Stonyfield line of products as well as many of the other Made to Matter products on the list!

This is a sponsored post from Stonyfield and Target. All opinions expressed are my own.