Fall Harvest Salad

It has been raining all week here in Milwaukee. Its getting pretty old. To me it is also a little reminder of what is to come and Im trying not to think about it.

The fall weather has made me a little lazier, Ill be honest. All I want to do is sit around and eat comfort food and forget that salad even exists. Sadly I cannot just let this happen. Dont you find that its much easier to be healthier in the summer months when youre surrounded by beautiful produce? I do. I find myself being more active and only wanting to eat salad.

So to avoid a growing waistline, Ive turned to some fall flavors to increase my appetite for salad. Apples, pears, nuts and squash all make for great salad toppings in the fall. Today Im sharing a delicious fall salad that I crafted for the Living Litehouse blog along with some tips to keep you eating your greens this season. Making the transition from a summer to a fall salad can be really easy if you properly pair the right ingredients. I really think youre going to like this salad!

Check it out!